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What do I need to know?

Not really sure about what you need to look for in a casino, or what the different sections of our casino reviews mean? Don't worry, we're here to help! On this page we'll through all the sections which we use, what they mean, any why they're important.
General Information and Software Systems
In this section we give a simple list of who started the casino and what games that the website tends to focus on. Here we also list one of the most important components of a gambling website - the software systems which are used. This is important because the systems which are used dictate which games are available. What are software systems? Well, in this context, think of them as a framework. Each company has a different framework. Onto these frameworks the games are built and spread to the different websites which have the rights to use them. Take Microgaming, for example. Microgaming is one of the largest software systems in online gambling, and one of the most common. When they release a new game, as they often do, those websites which use this system will now have access to this new game. This is important because effectively this is what lets you know what games are available, especially when it comes to pokies. The more software systems which a website uses the greater their selection can potentially be. Note that having only one system does not necessarily mean a poor selection, as the larger software systems already have hundreds of released games. As a last point we should note that some of these systems are more focused on different platforms. For example while Microgaming works well on desktops and many mobile devices, ELK tends to target their games to mobile gamers. So if you prefer mobile games then ELK might be more important than other systems. If can also be useful in finding a software platform which you can call your favourite. For more information on software systems and why they matter you can visit this page here.
Restricted Countries
The second part of the General Information section of out casino reviews. Legal online gambling is a complicated thing. Even though most websites can be accessed from most countries, there are exceptions. Some countries simply do not allow gambling, for example. In this case the users from this country would be listed under this section, as they would not be allowed to play on this website. This can extend to more than just the laws of a country as well. When a website wishes to enter the gambling business it is essential that they follow certain rules. These rules are created to protect both the users and the website itself. A part of this is obtaining the correct licenses. The thing about licenses is that each one only means operations within certain areas. Confused about your local and license laws? This section should help clear that up by simply listing where access is restricted.
Casino Background
This simple section lists which other casinos the owners of this casino own, if any, as well as their registered location.
General Operation
This part of the casino reviews section covers a few basic components of how the casino works. This first includes a brief explanation of what forms of access are supported. This is important because the user of a website needs to know how exactly they can get into a website before they give it a go. Some of these websites are only available to desktop and laptop computers, whereas others offer mobile versions for gaming on the go. Some websites even offer programs which can be downloaded in order to play the games without having to go through a webpage. The forms of deposit section here lets the players know how they add money into their online account, should they choose to sign up for the website. We end this section with a list of supported languages. It can be pretty difficult to gamble when you can't even figure out the website, so this can be especially important.
Games Covered
This part of our casino reviews gives a better indication of the games on offer. Generally this will focus on the games which they put the most effort into. We also include a screenshot of their page here. Take a look at this to get a good look at what's in for you in that site! Slot Machines
Live Casino
Don't know what a live casino is in online gaming? Click here! This section lists whether or not the casino offers live casino games, and which ones are available if they do.
Other Services
This part of our casino reviews section is used to list useful services which are offered by the website. While this depends on the individual website, common ones are as follows: Live chat: This is live contact on offer between staff and users. Especially important when users need quick help or troubleshooting. This can also be used to ask general questions which are not covered by the FAQ section. We also list what other types on contact they have available, and what hours these run. The typically include email contact, form based messages, and phone numbers. In detailing the FAQ section we let you know what you can expect from their general help section. Sometimes these can be very robust, while at other times they are almost non-existent. A good website cares about their customers, so this can give an important look into how they treat their users. Likewise a quality responsible gaming section here shows a real concern for the well-being of others.
Design and Usability
In this part we take a closer look at the theme of the website. We take into consideration how well suited the theme is, how well it works with what is on offer, and how the website actually runs. This section of the casino reviews is important because many websites are bloated and some are poorly designed. This can create real problems with some users or computers. If there are any problems here that we feel are relevant we will do our best to point them out here.
Mobile Apps
Mobile gaming has really taken off since phones became capable. In this, gambling is no different. This section aims to list whether or not there is a formal app available from the website. If there is we'll list where you can find it. Here we will also note if there is a simple mobile version of the site available. What does this mean? Well, while some websites can make full on apps, others will simply create a version of their website which runs on mobile devices. If you've ever tried browsing the internet on a mobile device you might have noticed how the layout on some websites can be quite different from the regular desktop versions. This is because some sites change the way their sites load based on what device is accessing it. This is especially useful because what works and fits on a monitor might not work or fit on a phone screen. When a casino website keeps this in mind they can effectively create a website which runs as well as an app, at far less of a cost. We also try to list on what systems these mobile apps or site version will run. Generally speaking, many phones and mobile devices from the last 5 years should handle most of these sites and apps.
How to Register
You can't gamble unless you register first! To keep track of your personal information and money registration is always required. This section details exactly what is needed to register for the reviewed site. This includes pictures, so you'll know exactly what you're in for.
Cashing out
Winning big doesn't count for much if you can't get you money out. This section lists the possible ways in which a user can withdraw their money. It also lists the speeds of these different forms of withdrawals. Here we will also do our best to list the wagering requirements of the website. What is a wagering requirement? To understand this you need to first understand bonus cash. When a person signs up to a casino website it is common for these websites to offer bonus cash which is given on the first few deposits. In order to ensure people can't just take this money and run the websites use wagering requirements on this cash. Simply put; the wagering requirements are the amount times the bonus cash which needs to be wagered in order to cash out. Typically this runs between 25x-50x. Casino Reviews Cashing Out
In this section of our casino reviews we list both the welcome bonuses and current promotions. Welcome bonuses tend to come of the form of bonus cash. This bonus money is gifted to the player on their first few deposits. How many deposits, and what rates the bonus cash is added is listed here. The current promotions section lists the other bonuses and promotions which are currently offered by the casino. These can change quite often, especially for seasonal and themed events.
Our Experience and General Reviews
In this section we give a quick rundown of how our time with the casino went, as well as how people from the internet tended to rate the casino.
Comparison to Other Casinos
Here we give a rundown on how the reviewed casino stacks up to all the other which we have reviewed. If you're wondering what makes a site special, or where it struggles compared to the competition then check out this section.
Other's Opinions
This section is dedicated to showing the scores which are given to the website by other website reviewers of casinos.
Social Media
A large part of many modern businesses is online presence. This can be helpful in terms of talking to fans and users, and taking tips from the general population. It can also help build up a user-base if social media is properly utilised. This is an interesting section, because the relationship between the size of a website and their social media presence is far from predictable. In general terms it gives a good look at how the casino treats and engages with its users. We include some screen-shots of their activity in this section to help illustrate their followers, and what they have been up to.
Our Rating
In the final section of our casino reviews we give the score. We try to take into account all of what we have written within the review, and how we feel this website stacks up compared to the other sites available. It is important to note that while we try to be objective as possible in our reviews there is still an issue of subjectivity. If a specific part of a website appeals to you and makes the casino great for you then there is nothing wrong with that! For Pokie Reviews you can click here. Or you can return to our main page by Clicking Here

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