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Games We Cover

Gambling, as we all know, is not a small industry. It covers many games, of many different types, from many different countries. These run from a wider range of topics than one might expect, from betting on people playing sports to betting on people playing video-games of sport, pokies, card games, horse races and everything in between. On this page we aim to give you a little bit of a basic rundown on the topic we cover on this site. From here you will be able to read a little bit about these games, get an indication of what you might like or dislike, and follow our links into their more detailed sections. Remember: a successful gambler is an informed gambler.

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A big part of our website. Pokies, also known as slot-machines, have been an important component of online gambling since the advent of the internet. The simplicity of these games allows for enormous variety. Most of these have their own themes, bonuses and payouts.

The basic idea in pokies is that a player places their bet, pulls a level and spins the reels. When these reels stop the game checks to see if any combination of winning symbols is met, and if it is the game then pays out. The payout is based on the symbols worth and money wagered.

The real advantage here of internet pokies comes in themes, bonus games and variety. Early developers of these games have kept working for a long time, with there currently beings thousands of different pokies to choose from. You like ancient Rome? There are games which cover that theme. How about the Alien franchise? There are games which cover that as well (including this fantastic creation by NetEnt).

Bonus games here take full advantage of the flexibility of software systems, offering games which a regular pokie machine never could.

So, what are you waiting for? Casino Pokies 24 has an active Pokie Reviews section, head on over if you're curious!

Or you can follow this link to discover some more general information about pokies, how they are played, and some of the common rules.

Aliens Game Main Screen

The layout for a popular Aliens pokie game from NetEnt.


One of the most popular games in the world, and with good reason. Blackjack is a game which includes both simplicity and player input into one fun and quick game. The general goal of this game is for the player to gain a total score of 21 without going over, or busting. At the same time the dealer plays, also trying towards a total of 21. If the dealer busts then all non-busted players win!

Not just for real life casinos any more! Many online gambling sites offer blackjack, with some even offering a live dealer version! A great game with a huge player base, you'll often have other people play with, if that's your thing. If you're interested in reading more then head on over to our blackjack section!

Blackjack standard game table

A standard blackjack table.


The game from which the name pokie was derived. This was because the original pokie machines used combinations from poker. Today this can be seen in the face-cards which are often used as symbols in modern pokie machines.

There are many forms of poker which are still active to this day, the most popular of which can be found in our Popular Poker Forms section.

The two forms with which most players are familiar with are 5-card draw and Texas Hold'em.

In 5-card draw the players are given 5 cards and can request random replacement cards. They do this in order to attempt to build a stronger hand. This was formerly the most popular form of poker, but has been surpassed by Texas Hold'Em.

Texas Hold'em, also called Hold'em, is currently the hottest poker game available. In this game each player is only given 2 cards. These cards are then used together with cards which are placed on the table for all players to use. These are called community cards. The best possible combination of a maximum of five cards is counted as the win.

For more detailed information check the popular poker forms link above, or for general poker forms and rules click here.

A common sight in live poker

A common sight at a real life poker table.


Roulette, one of the most famous and instantly recognisable of casino games. This game has players place their bets on where they believe a rolled ball on a roulette table will end. While this game has the potential for great wins it can also offer very low odds. One of those games which is popular for those who feel very lucky, or those who are more conservative and tactical. Roulette is also a game which often shows up with live dealers, if that is your thing.

We at Casino Pokies 24 have written a section detailing more important general information and betting rules on roulette here.

A standard American roulette wheel and table

The betting table used by roulette.


One of the more intimidating games at casinos. Craps is a dice based game where the goal of rolling an initial 7 or 11. This is one of the more complicated games on offer by casinos, though with a little practice you might be surprised at how easy it is! This game uses multiple staff to work the table and includes only one dice-holder at once. This person is called the shooter, and all other player bets are based of this player's rolls. Once the shooter loses the next player becomes the shooter.

Casino Pokies 24 has a great section explaining the general rules and lingo of craps, click here to head on over.

The layout of a standard craps table.

The betting table used in craps.


Another on of the games which can be initially quite confusing. Baccarat is similar to blackjack in that it revolves around a single number. While in blackjack that number is 21, in baccarat the number is 9.

This is often a popular high-roller game which is played between the players and the banker. The actual rules for drawing can difficult for beginners to remember, so head on over to our baccarat section for more info!

Sic Bo

Sic bo is a popular game originating from China which includes the use of three dice. Despite appearing as complicated as baccarat or craps, sic bo is actually a very simple game.

In this game the players simply place their bets on what they believe will be the outcomes of the dice rolls. This can be a certain number, a certain range of numbers and doubles or triples of the same dice rolls, among others.

This game was originally popularised by catering to the influx of Chinese gamblers after China started to take off economically. Since then millions of others have gotten in on the action. For more general information and rules then head over to the sic bo section of Casino Pokies 24.

Sic bo Layout

A standard sic bo betting board.


Many of you will be familiar with lottery, at least on some level. This is a form of gambling where the players purchase tickets for a later draw. These tickets can sometimes be customised, and are sometimes all random. These are covered with a sheet of numbers. When the draw comes around the numbers on the cards must be a partial or complete match of those numbers from the draw.

Lotteries are one of the forms of gambling with the highest possible payouts. This is because some lotteries are run at a state or even nationwide level. As the payout for lotteries tends to depend on the amount of tickets sold, more tickets sold equals greater payout. In fact the largest quantity of money won in a lottery by a single person sits at over $200 million.

While online versions tend to be much smaller than these nationwide variants they do come with their own advantages. The first and foremost of which is a shorter amount of time between draws. These online versions also often offer bonuses to their playersFor more information on lotteries click here.

A standard lottery card

A standard lottery card.


Keno is type of lottery which shares many of the same concepts. In keno the players choose their own numbers. These usually sit in the range of 1-80 inclusive. The player can choose between 1 and 20 numbers, though this is sometimes limited to 2-20. Once the player has their numbers a random ball draw or random number generator will draw 20 numbers. These are then checked against the player.

The general idea here is that the payout depends on three things:

  • The amount of numbers which the player chose
  • How much was wagered
  • How many numbers came up in the draw

While choosing fewer number increases you chances at winning it also means a lesser payout. This means that choosing more numbers makes you less likely to have them all drawn, but would result in a larger payout.

Just don't choose all 20 numbers unless you are feeling especially lucky, as the chances of having all 20 drawn is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800.

For more information and rules of keno then check out our section here.


Not just played by old-folks, bingo is a game which people of all ages can enjoy. Common bingo gives the player a card or cards which need to marked. These are marked when the caller reads out a number from the random ball tumbler or a random number generator. Once a player has a full line marked out they call out ‘Bingo!', which marks them as a winner.

A simple game with a large focus on community. Alternatively, online versions of this game can do a lot of the work for the player. This means a player can gather many more bingo cards at a time than they usually would, and can have the program do all the marking and checking for them. Some traditional players might not be interested in this, however.

Examples of standard bingo cards

An example of a couple of standard bingo cards.

For more information on bingo check out our bingo section.

Scratch Cards

Also commonly known as scratchies. These are those little cards with a small portion which is scratched off to reveal winning information. These are some of the most popular instant lottery games, and are available in hundreds of different forms.

Scratch cards are also commonly offered from online gambling services. Here, they work in much the same way. The main difference is that the scratch works via a mouse rather than by a coin or a nail. Some consider this less enjoyable than the live version, but that seems to have little impact on their popularity.

An example of a scratch card

An example of a common form of scratch card.

For more information on scratch cards check out Casino Pokies 24's scratch cards section here.

Horse Racing

One of the most widespread and active sports thanks to its inclusion of gambling. This has been a mainstay in many nations for hundreds of years and is legal in many places where other types of gambling is not.

The general idea here is placing wagers on horses and the position which they will end up in once a race is completed. All players are gifted with information regarding the odds of each horse winning. Wins on horses with lower odds pay out more, and punters can even bet on the outcome on consecutive races, among other things. Head on over to our Horse Racing section to check this out.

Live Games

These are casinos that are based online which include real-life additions. Usually this comes in the form of real dealers. These dealers work under cameras and deal cards as if the online players were really sitting around a table. This really helps boost the community aspect of gambling, for those who prefer this to the more mechanical form of standard online play. For more information on live games head over to Casino Pokies 24's Live Games Section.



These are the new type of sports which are played electronically. In simple terms you can thing of this as professional video-game playing. These cover a wide range of different genres, from the enormous MOBA scene to the resurgence of the competitive first-person-shooter. While this is one of the fastest growing forms of gambling sports available to the world in the internet age it can be quite confusing and impenetrable to outsiders. Because of that our eSports section aims to explain many of the basics, and cover some of the terms which might be confusing to newcomers. You can visit this section by clicking here.

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Gambling Software

Gambling Software

Gambling Software and Online Gambling

What is gambling software, and why is it important to online gambling? An important question, to be sure, but one which many people know little about. On this page we give you a little bit of an explanation on what gambling software is, why it is an important part of online gambling, and what big names are part of this growing industry.

What is Gambling Software?

Gambling software, in the most terms, is the framework on which online gambling games are created. This software is created by different groups of competing developers. These developers use this framework as a basis for their online games. By starting with this framework, and having it to refer to with a group of workers, the developers are able to have a place to start from.

This allows them to create a great deal of content within certain rules. It also means that they do not have to start from scratch each time they need to create a new game.

Why is this Gambling Software needed?

Gambling Terms

So, why do owners of online casinos use the software of other companies, rather than develop software of their own? This question is a little bit more complicated, and it has few reasons.

Programming Games is Difficult and Time Consuming

Creating a website is by no means a simple task, not if you want to do it right. It takes a great deal of knowledge and a similar amount of work. This is predominately done with programming languages (effectively the rules and code) such as HTML and PHP.

These are great for webpages, but simply do not posses the score in their language for casino games. Even if they did the skill-set required to make these games is very different from the set of skills required to make games.

Security Concerns

One of the key factors about both casino websites and software is security. Due to the different code used in websites and games there is different programming required for security.

This means a large focus of these software developers is creating a system which cannot be tricked, duped or cheated by certain undesirable players. This, again, requires very advanced knowledge and specialisation. This is also a constant fight, with cheaters continuously finding new ways to cheat, and developers constantly patching those holes.

Quality Control and Brand Recognition

The final big part of why this software exists is for quality control and brand reasons. A team of people who are dedicated to the creation of high-quality games will be able to release a great deal more quality products than people whose knowledge base in code revolves around HTML and the like.

This creates a situation where this becomes a market, with competing developers pushing the envelope in terms of quality, which is great for us consumers. It also means that many of the most popular games are available over a great deal of different casino websites. That is, provided that they use the same software systems. This is why we list software providers in our casino reviews.



One of the biggest in the business, along with Microgaming. Founded in 1996, this organisation has gone on to become one a software provider notable for both quality and quantity.

At the current point in time NetEnt brag that their systems handled over 21 billion gaming transactions in 2014 alone. In addition to this they claim over 1000 employees, all over the world. Certainly not a small business, as you might expect from a organisation which boasts serving over 170 of the world's most prominent online casino operators.

What are NetEnt games all about? Check out the following links to find our reviews of what we think are some of their best:

Interested in learning more? Check out this short video where they tell their story:



The yin to NetEnt's also yin. Boasting the world's first true online casino in 1994, Microgaming are effectively the grandfather of modern online gambling software.

Yes, you read that right, 1994. When most webpages were tiny text pages, accessible only after defeating the screaming demon known as dial-up modems, Microgaming already had a place in the field.

Based in the Isle of Mann, Microgaming creates products for casino games, mobile, bingo, live dealers and quickfire. At the time of writing their catalogue contains over 850 unique games. By creating a mix of licensed and proprietary content, Microgaming aims to keep their product line fresh.

Care for some examples?




Founded in 1999, Playtech plc is yet another software provider located on the Isle of Man. With a focus on online casinos, poker, bingo, sports betting, scratch cards, mobile gaming and live dealer games – Playtech has a lot to offer.

Recently Playtech have entered an agreement with DC Comics. This comes just after their contract with Marvel Comics expired. What does this mean for you? Well, if you're a fan of pokies based on superheroes then you should keep a sharp eye on Playtech!

Want to check out some Playtech games? Check out our reviews here:

Play'n Go


Sometimes you just want to play and go. Understanding this is, presumably, what led to the creation of software developed Play'n Go. These guys have a focus on mobile games, which is great news to those of us who prefer to play on our phones or tablets.

One of the key features of Play'n Go is their Game Account Toolkit, or GAT. This modular design allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to what both casinos and players want.

Feel like Play'n Going? Check out a few of our reviews below!



Winner of the coolest banner award, at least in my mind. Yggdrasil received their first license in 2013 and have been a staple in the industry even since.

Their slogan is “We are not the biggest but the best!”. Normally I would write this off as a simple brag, but Yggdrasil do seem legitimately concerned with this approach.

As is typical with online software providers, Yggdrasil has a primary focus on pokies.

Need an example of what Yggdrasil Gaming brings to the field? Check out our reviews below!

Want to hear them tell it in their own words? Check out this video:


Nextgen Gaming

NextGen Gaming, a big brag for a company with a decidedly last-gen banner. Founded in 1999, this is another software developer with a focus on pokies. These guys currently have a deal with DC Comics, so if you are a fan of this series of heroes you now know who to look out for.

Care to try some NextGen Gaming? Check out our reviews below…


Blueprint Gaming

Blueprint Gaming is a developer based out of the United Kingdom. As part of Germany's Gauselmann Group they are dedicated to creating pokies for both the national and international market.

Their products can be played on over 100,000 land based gaming terminals over the UK, Germany and Italy.

This talented team is licensed by the UK Gaming Commission and the Aldernet Gambling Control Commission to create online games. Which online games? Check out some of our reviews below:



Barcrest is one of those names which often comes up in real casinos. Originally starting with physical games in 1968, Barcrest have been a long standing force in the gambling industry. Since that time they have expanded the scope of their business into online casino games.

Since being pruchased by the Scientific Games Corporation they have extended their efforts into the growing online gambling market.

What does 50 years of experience lead a team to create? Check out these reviews to find out:



One of the newer entries into the world of online gambling, having been founded in May of 2011. Quickspin was founded by a few industry veterans who aim to use their experience in the pursuit of quality.

Their products are typically pokies, often with a focus on preexisting properties, such as the upcoming Goldilocks and the Wild Bears pokie.

Based out of Sweden, these guys have already been the recipients of many prestigious gambling awards, such as the EGR.

Want to check out if their games truly are award worth? Have a look at our reviews below!



With certification in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Alderney and the United Kingdom, iSoftBet aims to bring its catalogue to as many players as it can.

Their games include popular licences from film and television. These have been specifically designed to work well on smartphone and tablet devices. So, if you have a smartphone or tablet device and want some of these games made for people like you then check out our following reviews:

Games OS


Games OS, an operating system for games. Succinct, no?

Games OS aims to provide an efficient turnkey system for online gambling websites. This includes software developed for mobile devices, with additional effort being put in to the popular live games section.

Aside from these, Games OS also offers a variety of card, table and arcade games. Definitely one to look out for.

Interesting in looking out for them right now? Check out these reviews –



IGT, also known as International Game Technology is an utter giant in the industry. They boast that their video slots take up around half of all video poker slots which current exist in physical casinos in the United States.

This sort of success does not come with effort, and not without quality. Over time these guys have branched out into online gaming, bringing their experience with them. Do their games translate to the digital world, or are IGT more of a remnant of the past? Check out our reviews to find out…



Based out of Sweden, Thunderkick are one of the newcomers to the world of online gambling. Starting in 2012, Thunderkick have made it their goal to create games which enhance the the overall player experience of online casinos.

These developers claim a focus on quantity, and claim they easily have the skill and vision to match their goals. Do they succeed, or is Thunderkick more likely to thunderkick the bucket? Check out our reviews of their games and decide for yourself:


Red Tiger

Red Tiger Gaming

Another team created by group of industry veterans. Red Tiger was founded in 2014 and comes with a focus on pokies. This team claims a proven track record in Europe and Asian, and now they aim to bring this success to the rest of the world.

Red Tiger boasts a growing team of psychologists, mathematicians, graphic designers, software developers, audio engineers, gambling experts, QAs, account managers and secret magicians who work together to bring a continuously improving player experience.

Is this boast accurate, or is this more of a paper tiger? Check out some of our reviews of their games to find out:



ELK Studios

Founded in 2012, ELK Studios have a direct goal of bringing the mobile game experience to ‘the next level'.

Based out of Sweden, this group is slowly making its way into the market, proving with what they have released so far that they have the chops to carve out their own place.

These are definitely one group to keep an eye on, as they continually grow and expand their brand.

Want to know what they are already capable of? Check out our following reviews of just a few of their games:



Based out of Chicago, USA, WMS gaming has its base in the world of physical gambling. These guys entered the pokie world in 1994, and since then have built up a popular organisation in a very competitive industry.

Not content with their success in the world of physical gambling, WMS now takes aim on the world of digital gambling.

Keen to check out whether or not they can make the cut in the digital world? Check out our reviews on some of their games below.