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Hong Kong Tower Main Game Screen

Hong Kong Tower General Information:

Gambling is everywhere. From scratchies to even scratches, you can't go anywhere in this life without catching a glance of someone trying to win it big. While we mostly see this sort of thing confined to casinos, there are other places in which gambling sees a huge amount of popularity. Think of dog-tracks, horse tracks and, in this case, Hong Kong Towers. Note that this is a joke, and you shouldn't walk into a Hong Kong Tower and ask to gamble. I can't predict how security would react, but it's probably best to not take that risk. Is the pokie Hong Kong Tower one worth climbing, or is spending you time and effort to climb this tower a recipe for sore legs and little else? Keep reading our review to find out…

Hong Kong Tower was designed and developed by ELK and was released on April 4, 2017. This team is a group of people with a different focus than many other slot game providers. Rather than simply focus on releasing a great quantity, ELK stick to fewer releases of something different.

As is standard with games offered by the ELK software system, this game will work with most flash enabled devices. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It should be noted that ELK do tend to target mobile devices, so if you're looking for pokies on your phone or tablet then check them out.

Hong Kong Tower Main Game Screen

Hong Kong Tower comes with a total of 99 paylines over 5 reels in a 5×3 layout.

  • The minimum bet sits at 0.25
  • The maximum bet sits at 100
  • The return to player offered by this game sits at just under 96.3%, which approaches the high end of average.


In order to enter the options menu in Hong Kong Tower the player must first click the three horizontal lines towards the upper-left of the main game screen. When this is clicked they must then choose the settings button. The offered options are as follows:

  • Quickplay

This speeds up the spinning of the slots, leading to less lime waiting around.

  • Sound On

This allows the player to mute all sounds from the game.

  • Game Sounds

When clicked this allows the player to mute all sounds except the music.

  • Music

Wen this is clicked the player toggles on and off the music.

  • Show in Coins

When clicked this changes the currency display to coins, rather than Euros.


Hong Kong Tower comes with some interesting and powerful options thanks to the workers at ELK. By clicking the coins button down the bottom left of the main game screen the player can adjust the automatic betting strategy. This is split between regular and four other potential options. Changing between these pages is accomplished by clicking the left and right buttons on the left and right sides of the screen. The details of these pages are as follows:


When this is selected the player need only choose their total bet from a 3×4 table of total bets. Once this is selected this betting amount will remain constant until changed manually.


When this page is accessed the player is able to choose from a table of 4 different amounts. These are percentages which are derived from a player's total stash. This simply allows the player to keep betting a static percentage.


When this page is accessed the player is given access to a range of bets in a 3×4 table. A selected bet will automatically raise after 5 consecutive losses, the idea being to recoup losses. This can occur twice, with the maximum bet amount being ten times as great as the starting bet. This strategy resets after a win.


Another page where the players are given access to a range of bets in a 3×4 table. In this strategy the bet level will jump up 1 level after a loss, up to a maximum of 4 levels. This means a maximum bet of ten times the initial wager. This strategy resets after a win.


Yet another page where the players are given access to a range of bets in a 3×4 table. In this strategy the play's bet will raise 1 level for each winning spin, up to a maximum of 4 levels higher. This is equal to ten times the player's initial bet. This strategy resets after a loss.

The autospin in this game is accessed by holding the spin button. This offers the player 4 options for spin quantities. These are 10x, 25x, 50x and 100x.

Also on offer is general game information which can be accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines which indicate the options menu. When in this screen the player can choose to simply click the given left and right arrows in order to switch between payouts and payline information, or they can click into the rules screen. When this is clicked the game brings up the basic game rules as well as a general explanation of some of the gambling strategies which the game has on offer.


Reading a background section in a pokie called Hong Kong Tower, huh? Sorry to disappoint but there really isn't that much to go on here. There is a tower, it is set in Hong Kong. This tower is also lined with incredible jewels and wealth for any which appear to literally fall off the side of the building. Probably not the best long-term financial strategy for the building, but what do I know.

Other Features and Bonuses

Hong Kong Tower Mystery

The mystery symbol in this game comes in the form of a golden Hong Kong Tower symbol. After these symbols come to a rest they transform into another symbol. A revealed bonus symbol counts as 5 bonus symbols.

Hong Kong Tower Bonus

The bonus symbol in Hong Kong Tower appears as the above gold and red yin-yang symbol. Gaining a minimum of 3 of these in a single spin gives the player access to the Wheels of the Sky bonus game. These do not need to appear on an active payline in order to generate a win.


The free spins bonus game in Hong Kong Tower is triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols are gathered in a single spin. When 4 of these are gathered the player is given a bonus life in this game, whereas 5 give 2 extra lives.

The Wheels of the Sky bonus game comes in three different levels. The player will always start at level 1. These wheels will spin, and can land on scores, which will vanish after their first collection, and level-ups, which are available on the first two reels only.

Vanished scores will leave an empty space behind. Landing on this point again will take one life from the player. The game will end once all lives have been consumed.

When the player lands on a level up they will jump straight onto the next wheel level, which each higher level offering higher rewards.

How to Play:

Placing your bets in Hong Kong Tower is quite simple, regardless of player level. Simply click the coins button on the lower-left of the main game page and select a strategy. The simplest of these is the no strategy selection, where the player simply chooses their total bet and clicks spin.

From here the player can choose to click through and change their strategy and activate autospins by holding down the autospin button which can be accessed from the betting and the main page. If autospin is not selected the player only needs to hit spin.

Overall Design and Usability:

The look of Hong Kong Tower is one with a focus on simplicity and sleekness. The game is obviously made for a mobile device first, which means a simplified overall design. This also runs the risk of creating a look which does not gel for all desktop users, so that is an issue to keep in mind. The game itself is set against the blue of a Hong Kong tower at night, with the symbols appearing as if they were projected onto the side. There is a lot of colour here, most of it quite striking. While so many colours run the risk of clashing, ELK have managed to pull off a look which avoids this problem. This is a game which looks great, on any type of screen (maybe not black and white CRTs from the 80's).

In terms of usability, Hong Kong Tower is a game which brings with it a great deal of modern quality of life options. Especially fantastic here are the different automated betting scenarios. These are unique to ELK creations, and help cover a lot of the work that many of us find ourselves going through in our natural betting progression. The only area where we could really see some improvement here is with the inclusion of graphical options. While this game is designed first for mobile devices, and it thus quite performant, it still might have some issues running on older or less powerful devices.

Where to find it:

If you already are into mobile gambling then you might already have a favorite site in mind. If this is the case then check around, Sam on the Beach might already be on offer, if it is not, or you want a more direct list, then check out our reviews below. Each of these offer the game by ELK, and by taking a look at our reviews you can easily find a site which works for you!


Here we have another great game from ELK, which is best played from a mobile device. This is a pokie which looks great and runs well, but might not offer enough to keep veteran desktop player's entertained for long periods. That said, if you are the type of player who likes to take a few spins in their downtime then we can absolutely recommend this game, just make sure to set your gambling rules properly first!

4.0/5 Stars

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